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Design and manufacture of special purpose machinery


Our company which was originally focused only on production of single-purpose machines was established in 1994 in the town of Strakonice, Czech Republic. In 1997 a new place of business was built in Kejnice near the town of Horažďovice. We moved there our production and extended it , newly we are focusing also on production of jigs, single production, production of clamping fixtures for machining, control fixtures and single-item production. The previous name of our company “Kovoobrábění František Niebauer” was changed in 2013 to “KFN s.r.o.” Presently, we have 10 regular employees in our company.

Tel: + 420 376 511627 Fax: + 420 376 511629 E-mail: info@niebauer-kovo.cz www.niebauer-kovo.cz